Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Ye Olde Honorable Butcher's Guild...Huzzah!

LA Weekly's Squid Ink blog says we have left the 16th Century. Not so! Why, just read the minutes from our latest meeting. read the LA Weekly post here.

Excerpts from the Minutes of The Butcher’s Guild monthly meeting 6/4/2011:

Tia: Didst thou find another Hall of Fame member?

Marissa: Verily! A butcher who has shown great skill and passion for the clubbing of lambs.

Tia: Such an advance from the rock-throwing method of killing. We must celebrate this mighty talent.

Marissa: And what other news from The Guild?

Tia: Each of our members will now get use of a servant to fan cool water towards their meat, to ensure freshness.

Marissa: Huzzah! The mind reels with greater velocity than the orbit of the sun around the earth.

Tia: Will you upload this to the website?

Marissa: Totes.

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